Jewell and the Arched Back Fucking Machine
Jewell Marceau

Without a doubt, Gord is the 'Einstein' of Fucking Machines. His inventiveness and creativity - not to mention his passion for kink - have been fully realized in this bizarre contraption that promises to test both the theory of relativity and automated sex.

Gord doesn't use computers to design his gear, he lets his brain and cock drive the evolution of his Fucking Machines. In addition, Iím sure it doesnít hurt to have a model like Jewell Marceau in mind when heís thinking up these devious devices.


Naked Gord: punishment stools, inverted penetration, pulsing pussy carriers, pneumatic dildo levers


Here's where the 'arched back' part comes in. Jewell is held in this strenuous and vulnerable position with metal cuffs around her wrists, arms, and ankles. You can also see the padded metal posts which hold her legs spread, and more metallic bands around her neck and head. The ring gag is added for good measure.

Who is Gord? Well, to put it simply, Gord is a natural-born artist and inventor. His passion is for inventing bondage gear that will tease, torment, humiliate and stimulate a very dangerous species... women!

Gord's inventions are so cunning and sophisticated that they almost defy explanation, and, as a result, a term was created to describe his work: ULTRA BONDAGE. This web site features Gord's Ultra Bondage gear demonstrated by naked women exclusively for your viewing pleasure!
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