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Gord's imagination never fails to come up with new and innovative ways to use the bondage gear at hand. In this feature we see the results of an experiment with a pair of Rigid Cuff spreader bars, the 69 position, and two dildo gags.

The primary requirement for this scene is that both models be approximately the same height. Other requirements include things like sexy black boots. Okay, I'll admit that I'm a fan of black boots, but what's important here is that the models protect their wrists and ankles from the metal spreader bars, and what better way is there than with lace-up, spike-heel, black leather boots?


Naked Gord: punishment stools, inverted penetration, pulsing pussy carriers, pneumatic dildo levers


Each spreader bar has two large holes and two small holes. The large holes are for the ankles and the small holes are for the wrists. Traditionally, these spreader bars were designed for use on one person - restraining both their ankles and wrists simultaneously with one spreader bar. However, in this case each spreader bar will restrain the ankles of one model, and the wrists of the other, creating a forced 69 position.

Who is Gord? Well, to put it simply, Gord is a natural-born artist and inventor. His passion is for inventing bondage gear that will tease, torment, humiliate and stimulate a very dangerous species... women!

Gord's inventions are so cunning and sophisticated that they almost defy explanation, and, as a result, a term was created to describe his work: ULTRA BONDAGE. This web site features Gord's Ultra Bondage gear demonstrated by naked women exclusively for your viewing pleasure!
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